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BECOMING - Year of Stories, Quarter 2

Image of BECOMING - Year of Stories, Quarter 2


If the only constant in life is change, then we should always be asking ourselves an important question: who are we becoming?

The Year of Stories project rolls on, bringing together a collection of short stories that explores identity, opportunity, choice, and change. You’ll walk the surface of an alien planet, descend into the nameless valley between two worlds, breathe the dust of a Wild West frontier town, and explore ancient ruins remembered only in legend.

Quarter 2 also welcomes back familiar characters like Captain Blackbird the ruthless pirate and Agent Connolly, security officer for the bureaucratic Chancellorate.

BECOMING contains 15 short stories, including From, We Dragons, This Wretched Dog, and The Castle of the Grand King.

The total length of this collection is approximately 195 pages.