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About Tim Sevenhuysen

Tim Sevenhuysen is an author and editor currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, with his wife, Larissa, and two sons, Calvin and Victor.

Until proven otherwise, Tim has claimed the title of the world's most prolific author of 50-word stories, having written more than 750 of the bite-sized tales since creating in 2009.

Tim self-publishes his fiction online, and has released a variety of novellas, short stories, and flash fiction collections.

Tim also write a web series called Special People, where he has completed three novel-length story arcs and has outlines ready for a fourth.

About, or 50WS, is the website Tim created in 2009 to host his own 50-word stories. Since then, the site has evolved into a place to share stories submitted by writers from around the world.

New stories are posted every weekday, and there are regular themed contests which authors can enter to win a variety of prizes.

Tim has released two book collections of his own 50-word stories, and is currently putting together the third book, which is expected to be available in January 2014.